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Senin, 17 Agustus 2009

Know Your History About Diabetes

We know the deadly disease in the world many once. One of them is diabetes or often called diabetes. Diabetes or diabetes is a metabolic disease marked by high levels of sugar in the blood.

Many ordinary people with diabetes Diabetes assume that the disease is a new disease, even sometimes considered synonymous with the disease eating potatoes and finally cut legs. Why do so because of his diabetes if not addressed will lead to decay in the affected area wounds.
According to historical records, in fact Diabetes disease has been known since thousands of years BC. When the same scientists of his era have attempted cure. Many diseases experts who worked hard to find a cure diabetes or diabetes. The experts concluded that a person has diabetes if the disease had early symptoms.
Early symptoms:
• Many drink / easy to thirsty
• Many of urine
• Many food / easier hungry
Symptoms continued:
• Many drink / easy to thirsty
• Many of urine
• Weight loss
• Easily tired
If symptoms are detected early we should have to act immediately to treat so as not to be severe and ultimately to death.