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Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Complications of Diabetes And Causes Death

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease other than heart for causing many complications, including the most feared is the brain blood vessel damage or stroke.

The most experienced people with diabetes is having a stroke if treated too late. Stroke experienced by many diabetics who accompanied several diseases and / or following habits:

• High blood disease / Hypertension
• Dyslipidemia / abnormal blood fat levels
• Smoking
• Coronary Heart Disease

Besides other complications of diabetes is kidney damage or nephropathy, which resulted in breakdown of kidney function characterized by swelling of the body such as the eyelids and lower legs, difficult or rarely urinate, old cough, and shortness of breath due to fluid buildup. When the kidneys are not functioning at all then had to wash the blood to remove waste in the blood.

Besides the kidney, subsequent complications or retinopathy strike the eye. Damage to the eye that can cause blindness and accelerate the emergence of Glaucoma and Cataract. Complications last and most often happens is neuropathy or nerve damage, especially on the soles of the feet. Starting with the redness, warmth and feet, followed by tingling and numbness, if the person is not immediately seek treatment to control blood sugar levels can occur so hard to heal wounds and it is not possible at last to the amputation.

Therefore we must immediately deal with diabetes is to let no other disease complications are more dangerous to bias results in death. Here the role of a doctor is needed for people with diabetes and we must accustom ourselves to change our lifestyles to be better.

Know Danger Of Diabetes

In the global era as now people start to forget the meaning of health care . We know that although today's medical technology has advanced now just not motivated to make human health checked. Sometimes people are just aware of health after the illness began nesting in the body. Pattern of unhealthy life they have done. Foods consumed unhealthy. While the body's health seems to be ignored. This is what makes most people stricken with the disease easier.

One of the most widely disease suffered by people in the world is diabetes. As a result of violent diabetes, many of the losses experienced by the patient. Threatening hazards such as diabetes that only he could experience blindness, paralysis, foot rot, or even a stroke. The symptoms are usually experienced symptoms of diabetes include aching legs, hot legs, constipation, 01.00-02.00 hours of the morning wake up to urinate, cloudy eyes, physically weak, always wanted to sleep and genitals are often sluggish. The symptoms of diabetes symptoms is often underestimated by people who actually have diabetes themselves. Therefore very important to know the early symptoms of diabetes.

Now for people with diabetes, medical experts recommend choosing a healthy lifestyle. If it does not we understand it is not impossible diabetes disease will kill us.

Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

In addition to diabetes type I and tipe II. Another type of diabetes is Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). This type of disease occurs during pregnancy and can be cured after childbirth. GDM may be harmful to the fetus or the mother's health, and this is also the type of deadly because many pregnant women die from this type of disease.

GDM occurs in about 2-5% of all pregnancies. GDM is temporary in nature and fully able to treat but, not treated, can cause problems with pregnancy, including macrosomia (high birth weigh), the fetus has defects and heart disease since birth. Patients requiring medical supervision throughout the pregnancy.

It is dangerous for pregnant women affected by this type of disease, but with good supervision from a doctor and keep the lifestyle and sports physician in accordance with the instructions of this disease will not affect the fetus in the mother.