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Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

Diabetes Mellitus Type II

Type II diabetes was almost similar to the diabetes type I. Diabetes mellitus type II was often called non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (diabetes that does not depend on insulin). This happens because of the difficulty in the production of insulin and insulin resistance, or often referred to reduced insulin sensitivity
In the early stages of the main cause of type II diabetes is reduced insulin sensitivity, characterized by increased levels of insulin in the blood. At this stage hyperglycemia can be over in various ways and anti-diabetes drugs that can improve insulin sensitivity Type II diabetes may go unnoticed for years in some patients [before / in front of] the diagnostic results [as / when] the visible symptoms are typically soft or that does not exist, without ketoacidotic, and can be sporadic .. However, difficulties may be caused by irritating unnoticed type diabetes, including failure associated with renal vascular disease (including diseases pulse / main street of a heart attack), vision damage, etc..
Diabetes Type 2 disease usually treated with diet (generally to decrease carbohydrate intake), and weight loss. These can restore insulin sensitivity, lifestyle and sports also help treat diabetes.

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