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Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Know Causes of Diabetes

The cause of diabetes due to a lack of insulin production or lack of substance sensitive to the substance of tissue insulin. This will result in levels of glucose in the food can not be absorbed and utilized by our bodies. As a result the blood sugar levels will continue to increase.

Someone said to suffer from diabetes positive if there is or appears early symptoms of diabetes.

The researchers explained that diabetes is caused by 2 things namely, excess consumption of sugar resulting in an increase in blood sugar in the body or due to hereditary factors. Diabetes including type of disease decreases.

The pattern of life or lifestyle that is not healthy and poor diet can lead to diabetes. Why? Because the diet is not good cause lack of balance between carbohydrates and other content needed by our bodies. As a result the sugar content in the body so high working capacity of the pancreas.

Actually the history of diabetes was long known to man in the world. And the experts concluded that there was 3 types of diabetes is a disease (Type I, Type II, Gestational).

Therefore we must be careful that we are not affected by this disease. Because this disease is very dangerous. And we must maintain our lifestyle so that we can avoid diabetes.

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